Thursday, August 7, 2014

Confessions of a Crazy Very Pregnant Woman!

I feel for the most part I've been upbeat and positive most of this pregnancy.  I have tried to reflect on the blessing that it is to be carrying a baby inside me.  I try to ignore the little aches and pains.  As I toss and turn at night I try to think about the sweet little bundle that will soon be here...
But let's get real for just a moment, and then I will go back to my fairy land where I am perfect and only see the good stuff!

Being pregnant is hard work. 
I'm tired 90% of the time, because I toss and turn and pee 5000 times a night.  When I'm hungry I can only eat an amount as big as my fist, otherwise I feel as though I've ate the entire Thanksgiving feast!  
I'm anemic and now on iron supplements , which means any hopes for a normal poop have gone out the window.  
My feet and legs feel like pins and needles if I stand to long, but on the bright side my feet swell if I sit to long.  
I can't breath, because my nose has been plugged since late March.  And now there is wonderful uterus taking up the space where my lungs used to be.  
All the physical stuff added with the hormonal swings equal to make me One Crazy Witch!!!!  Which in turn makes me feel guilty because I'm not the most pleasant person to be around.  Good thing I don't plan on going anywhere until  baby arrives.  

Only 8 weeks, give or take, to go!!!!

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Elise said...

I wonder if God makes me forget how pregnancy truly felt. If I remembered everything, I probably would only have one kid. :)