Monday, August 11, 2014

7 weeks!

Today was the girls first day back at school!  Which meant I had the house, sort of all to myself.  I say sort of because Wyatt lives here, but he was hanging out downstairs.  Until he went to go take his girlfriend to lunch.  Yes, I said girlfriend.  He has been dating this girl since last February or so.  She is very nice, and makes him very nice in return.  I like seeing the boyfriend side of him, it makes me one proud momma when I see how kind and loving he can be. 
Anyway back to me, I had the house somewhat to myself.  I cleaned, Yuck I know, but something's have to be done.  Then I sat there, and sat there.  Then I got on the computer because it's Ty's day to email.  While I was waiting for his email I browsed... Baby sites of course.  Just to make sure I wasn't forgetting any really important necessity that little Annie can't live without.  I'm pretty sure I've got it covered.  Somewhere to sleep, a car seat, food, clothes, diapers... got it covered!  But on every top 10 list of baby supplies there has been something listed that I don't have and it's haunting me.... How will my little sweet baby survive without it?  How did my other children get by without it? 
I'm not sure what the obsession with this teether toy of wonderfulness is?  I looked it up, it seems simple enough.... but with a heavy price tag for such a no bells no whistle kind of toy.  Seems kind of silly.... but the more I looked at it the more I wanted it!  I WANTED IT BAD!  What's not to want?  He has big black demon eyes!  He is very very Giraffey!  He's made of non harmful rubber! 
Everyone loves him!!! EVERYONE! 

Did I buy him?  No, I resisted temptation for now!  But I don't know if I can hold out much longer!

So this is what  I do with my time spent alone.... completely nothing!

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