Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Week Ago

Last week we closed and moved into our new home, with an emphasis on OURS!  After renting for what seemed like ages its so nice to own again.  It's nice putting things away knowing that I will never (optimistically)  have to pack them up again.  I've carefully been hanging things up and finding the perfect home for my stuff.  There is a few projects that we will need to do.  The closets are not finished.  So we've ordered some supplies to finish them.  The master bathroom is just a temporary set up that was done just for the appraisal.  So we have big plans for that.  And the yard is a mess... So that I'm really excited about even though it will be next spring before we plant any thing.  I need to take some pictures.  I'm excited to take you all on a virtual tour. 


Elise said...

But if you live there permanently, then how will you practice your ultimate talent of packing like a rock star?

tif-do said...

It's like riding a bicycle, one never truly forgets.