Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Yikes!!!  So we are making an offer on a house today.  It seems super surreal.  The weirdest part of the process has been the fact that its a for sale by owner house. 
When we've looked at houses in the past the owners have never been present.  So you put on a show for the realtor and say all the things that you don't like or do like or whatever.  Because it will not offend anyone present if your honest.  You stay straight faced!  So that when you make an offer they are surprised I guess???  I'm not sure the exact rules about real estate but to me all of it is awkward. 
So then you add the sellers into the whole process and it becomes plain weird.  The biggest problem.... well I loved the house.  It's older and remodeled and has loads of character.  So my excitement for it was hard to hide.  But on top of that, the sellers were awesome!  I mean seriously if we had met them before they decided to move, we would have been friends.  So then when you are at home trying to think of a reasonable offer, the the fact that you met these nice people comes into play as well.  It's hard not to empathize with them.  Here they poured their heart and soul into making this house theirs to only have to turn around and move.  So you don't want to offend them with a low offer, but yet you know what you can afford too.  Hopefully we can come to an agreement that works for both parties involved. 
Now I'm seeing the benefit of realtor's.  Even though I now think they get paid a lot for doing stuff you can do yourself. 
All I can say is maybe this house hunting thing is a little funner then I thought last post.


lvh said...

Yep - not fun to look at a house when the owners are there. We looked at one in Oracle to buy and I loved it so much and made so many good comments that when we went to make an offer on it, the owner had decided they weren't selling. Good luck on finalizing the purchase of your new home, i've often wondered how hard it would be to sell a house cause the thought of giving a realtor 6% makes me ill.

tif-do said...

These people said this is the third house they've sold themselves and its not difficult at all. The title or escrow places have for sale by owner packets. And our mortgage person is taking care of the legal stuff.

Mama Echo said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!!!