Tuesday, May 14, 2013

They Accepted

They accepted our offer.... Well they counter offered... but it wasn't by a huge difference so the deal moves forward.  If nothing goes wrong, we should be moving into our new home by the middle of July!  I'm super excited and nervous given our last few years I'm worried something will happen, but I'm doing my best to stay optimistic.  So let me show you around our new home:
This is the kitchen with a dining area just on the other side.

This is the mud room.

This is some of the basement living space. There is 2 basement areas: One finished and one that's just framed.

Another view of the kitchen.
The Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Stairs to the unfinished basement. (all framed for an extra bedroom, bathroom, and family room.)

Wood Stove insert
Sitting Room

Living room and one of my favorite things about this house is the refinished wood floors.


Amie said...

aww it's so pretty! I love the hard wood floors, the stainless steel appliances, the cabinet colors, and the tile! Way to go you! :)

lvh said...

woo hoo - I love the kitchen cabinets and the wood floor. And an unfinished basement to finish the way you want sounds fantastic. I'm just sad you won't be it in June so we can see it.

leaner said...

Lovely! That is a beautiful kitchen!