Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revving up for Spring

We had a few days of spring like weather.  Enough time for the trees to get the buds of leaves, and the front apple tree to get a hint of blossoms.  Then today we woke up to a little snow.  I'm hoping it didn't get quite cold enough to freeze everything back, only time will tell. 
Besides the bit of winter in spring, life is good!  I will focus on that for now!  The good stuff. 
We had a nice Easter with family around!  Ty has had a ton of baseball games, it's been so nice to see him enjoy playing and being on a team with good kids.  He went to MORP this last weekend and had a great time.  Kynzie is happily getting ready for her play, and spring choir concert.  Kasey will be in a talent show on Saturday with her dance troup. 
Wyatt has taken to life in a far off place.  He seems to enjoy it there.  I miss him, somedays more than others but I'm glad he is happy! 
I am looking forward to this summer and hopefully buying our own home, even if its the one we are already living in.  It will be good to be able to do fun things to a house again.  And planting trees, and flowers and all the great things I can do outside.

Lots of things to be happy for and excited about.

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lvh said...

I too am looking forward to buying a house that I can do things with - even though we bought this one up here, I have no energy about planting trees or perennials since we don't plan to stay. How fun that will be to have your own place again, it has been so long - at least you know the location you will be, we're still struggling on a weekly basis as to where to put down roots.

In General Conference, President Uchtdorf (I believe) counseled us to bloom where we're planted - I definitely want to bloom but I need to be planted somewhere else than here.