Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Missing You!

I miss when everyone was on the blogging kick!  And everyday I had several new blog posts to read.  I miss the good ol days of blogging!  I miss hearing about your day and what your kids were up to.  I miss your venting days, and your brag worthy days!  I miss the surveys, and the pictures posts!  Most of all I miss knowing that somewhere out there was a cousin, friend, sister traveling down this path of life, just wanting to get there words out there! 
I know I know, I have been kind of far an few between lately myself.  And I can't say all I know have abandoned the blogging ship.  Thank you Leaner and Aunt Lynda for giving me some reading material!  Its just been so quite on the blogging front lately.  Maybe I just don't follow enough people.  Maybe I just don't know enough people! 

So that's that!  On to today's thoughts:

Picture small town USA and all the loveliness that it provides.  There are a ton of reasons I love living in a small town.  But unfortunately there are some things I don't care for.  One of which is small town mentality. 
Let me start from the beginning, maybe something I don't share to often, but in order to get my thoughts across I need to share how I feel deep down in my heart. 
I believe in a Heavenly Father that loves me and all of his children equally.  I believe that I have a brother Jesus that died so that I may return to live with him someday if I try my very best.  I believe that each of us has our own path and trials and we will be judged according to the those trials. 
All of that being said, I believe that according to the example Jesus set for me, that I should love everyone.  That I should be understanding and compassionate.  That I shouldn't judge others.  That I should just work on me! 
So sometimes living in small town USA breaks my heart.  Sometimes the people in small town USA loose sight of the bigger picture.  They forget there is a whole big world out there, full of lots of different people.  They don't stop their children from saying racist remarks because there is no one here to be offended.  They don't teach their children to accept those that are different, but yet they join in with the bigoted comments.  They forget that these people they say hurtful things towards are someones children, someones sisters and brothers, someones cousins and friends.  They forget that they are also children of the same Heavenly Father, that they all proclaim their love for each Sunday.  I'm not saying every person in small town USA acts that way.  Because for me to say that would be just as judgemental, but it's sad that those negative comments and thoughts have to be heard at all.  If the goal is to be Christlike, its not about going to church where you are the most comfortable and proclaiming it.  It is about being like Christ and searching out those that need a loving hand the most.  Christ would not turn his back on those that need him most! 
I hope somewhere in there I made some sense. 


Amie said...

Sweet words. :) It's true, pretty much since Facebook, blogs have gone downhill to nonexistent! :(

lvh said...

I miss all the bloggers too - since I am firm in my resolve to not do facebook. I really appreciate your blog this morning - it's especially relevant to this time of year. I found this wonderful little saying at a craft fair in Idaho that Jill bought me for Christmas. It says "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you" I wanted it to remind me not to be judgemental of others. Shame on those Sunday Christians who forget that we are all brothers and sisters no matter what our color or circumstances are.
I love the scriptures in the Book of Mormon that talk about how the people loved the gospel so much that once they were converted, they wanted to share it with their enemies the Lamanites. I want to be like that. Love you.