Friday, November 30, 2012

November fizzled...Hello Christmas!!!

Moms Snowman tree!
So November is totally over.  I'm thankful for that.  I am beginning to think that next year I will not post Thankful posts.  Not because I am not thankful but more because I forget to do it everyday, and that makes me feel bad.  And I don't like feeling bad about myself.  I'm so happy for December, and excited that I'm sooo ready for Christmas!
Here's my done and done list: 
Cards- Sent!
24 days of Christmas-Ready to role!

I know its awesome!  Don't be jealous!
Of course I still have baking to do!  And my sweet Ty's birthday.  And don't forget a couple Christmas parties and Choir performances!  I love this month!

 I would show you pictures of my house but it's not nearly as cool as Moms!

Look here we caught some little people, SING FOR ME WEE ONES!

Cowboy Santa Tree

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