Saturday, December 1, 2012

Never to late for a new tradition!

So I have been watching all these elf on a shelf ideas for the last couple months! It seemed right up my alley, but doing a little research way out of budget. Also my kids are getting a little big! But when I was helping my mom decorate in with her stuff I spied two elves that I remembered hiding around the house when I was small! So cool! So I asked them if they would like to come play with me this year!, and they said "why the heck not?" So unlike some families, we decided to approach it a bit different. The elves and I decided that with them being new in our home we wouldn't mention them traveling to the North Pole to tattle. Kasey saw them come home with me and so that wouldn't really work, plus she has a firm belief in the big jolly guy so I didn't want to mess with that. The elves and I decided we would rather just keep it simple and make mischief together! So I'm sipper excited and I think they are too!

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