Friday, November 23, 2012


It was a great Thanksgiving this year!  We picked up my mom and headed down to the valley to spend the day with my sister Darcey and her family.  We started the day by burning some calories and participating in a Turkey Trot. 
Kynzie, Jackie, and My Mom at the finish line of the 2 mile fun run!

I ran the 10k!
Here's the whole crew of runners! (Mom, Darcey, Buck, Kynzie, Jackie, Ty, Zane, Me and Kenneth)
 After burning some calories we headed to IHOP to replenish them.  Then we headed back to Darcey's house where she prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. 
I wish I had gotten a picture or two of everyone.  Kasey and Wyatt were also there.
We did a little black Friday shopping and headed home.  Good times!

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