Monday, June 11, 2012


Obviously when I moved into my parents home, I new the day would come that we would move.  But I originally thought that day would be a little further off.  And I thought that when it did happen I would be moving into a house that was mine again.  But going the way life seems to go for me that's not the plan.  Due to a little issue with the AIA? or something like that, we have to move into district for Ty to play sports this school year.  So we have about a month and a half to find a place get some bills in our name with that address on it, so all is right with the world, or a little part of it.    
Now onto the next stresser... School changes!  So even though all the kids want to change schools, there is now the added stress of actually changing schools, and all the nervous new kid stuff that goes along with it.  And for Ty it is the worst.  The girls just changed schools last year, so they really haven't gotten settled in enough to even care.  Kynzie really looks forward to it, and Kasey has met a few girls her age in softball.  But Ty will be leaving 3 years worth of memories and friends, and last night it hit him hard.  It's not easy to tell your kid everything will work out, when your not so sure yourself.  Sometimes what you think will work out doesn't.  Sometimes the things you hope for don't happen.  So I'm not sure what to say to him to make it alright, but we do have a couple of months to get comfortable living in a new town and meeting new people again. 
So here's to move 15!  and we ain't stopping there!


Amie said...

15?! Oh my gosh! good luck!

lvh said...

Where are you moving to now? I thought Ty had remained in his school when you moved to where you are so he could play sports last year. I don't envy you having to move again so quickly but good luck.

tif-do said...

Saint Johns. After a stressful baseball season last year and other school district iissues Ty decided that he would be better off going to Saint Johns. The girls would have gone there anyway, so all in all its a good thing to have the kids in the same district now, but at the moment its a little crazy!

lvh said...

cool - at least that won't be too terribly far from your Mom and Dad and they will be down there before you know it.