Sunday, June 17, 2012

Me and Mine

Well I've started packing up.  Not a lot yet that would require boxes, but I am putting some things away that I can.  We found a place to rent with an option to buy at the end.  It's nothing fancy but I can see it working for us, plus we will have a year to figure out if we like it enough to buy.   It seems things work out, maybe not always how your expect, but work out anyway.  This week has been crazy.  I feel like I've said that a lot over the years but seriously this has been a crazy week for all of us.  Baseball Camp, Church Camp, Last of the Softball Games, Finding a house to rent, 2 job interviews (Wyatt), Football Camp, Relay for Life.   I also applied for a job (kinda how I found the house). I'm not sure anything will come of it, but thought I'd try it out.  So now to sit back, pack up the house, and enjoy the rest of summer.  Yikes I'm exhausted just thinking about it!


Amie said...

good luck! Maybe you should move down to the might like it! :)

Mama Echo said...

Good luck!! I'm glad it's all working out.