Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nice and Not So Nice!

It's funny how hateful of a people we are, how we always look for ways to fight, to correct others, to make ourselves feel more important.  I have recently become a huge fan of Pinterest.  It's an awesome site full of great ideas, sayings, recipes ect.  It wasn't until I started to read some of the comments that I found the one thing I didn't like about the site, ugliness.  I guess somewhere along the line, people forgot what Thumpers father taught him, and that's "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."   I guess in some catch 22 type way I am breaking this rule by stating that I find it sad that people think it necessary to comment every mean or disagreeing thought they have.  Sure there are things posted that I don't agree with.  I don't love every idea, or think every pin is a real winner, but forgive me if I have better things to do with my time than comment on a pin I don't care for.  It's a fun bulletin board, why do some take it all so seriously?  I think I would have a huge ulcer if I cared so much about others misspelling (because heaven forbid we aren't all the best spellers), or if I didn't think a brother kissing a sister on the forehead for a picture every year is inappropriate-by the way I think it's sweet!  Yes I realize we all have pet peeves, Like the lady that couldn't stand the pregnancy announcement that said "We are Pregnant!", but seriously it's just to share ideas, not make people irritated, or to give people a platform to display their super smarti-pants-ness!  So that's just my opinion, on my own blog.  If you are someone who comments negatively on others pins or blogs or facebook posts... well so be it!  I'm really no better, but I feel sad that we all can't look for the good, humor, or simplicity in things.  I am going to stick to just looking at the pins from now on.

Okay now that being said, maybe I'm feeling a little encouraged to be kinder by something that happened yesterday, I call this story THE SIMPLE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS!
     So as you all know I have been running lately.  Somedays it's very hard!  Yesterday was one of those days.  I got my running stuff on, and headed out, but not even a mile into it my lungs and hips were aching.  I pushed myself forward, but it was seriously a battle most of the way.  When I reached the flat right before the hill, which I will lovingly call THE HILL OF DEATH, I was seriously thinking of just turning around early.  It's then that I noticed an older couple sitting outside their house in lawn chairs.  It was a cold morning and they were bundled up in their carhartt coats and beanies.  It is right as I passed, that I could hear over my Ipod the old woman yell , "You're doing great!  Keep it up,"  I glanced her way and then the man stood up and started to cheer and clap for me.  I was truly touched by their kind gesture to me, some lady they don't even know.  I want to be that way, a little kinder, a little more thoughtful, and a little more aware of the people around me.  I know it won't come over night, because I'm not always this way, but I would love to be those older folks someday, cheering on those around me, just because!


Amie said...

Aww that's so sweet...that made me tear up a bit. (the running part, not the pinterest part, heh. I LOVE pinterest!)

tif-do said...

I love it too, so many great ideas all in one place!

tif-do said...

Also just realized, I must of been looking for something to be irritated about or I wouldn't of noticed the negativity in others. Silly Me!

leaner said...

You made me tear up, too. Awwww. And I will NOT join pinterest! (Or I will hold out a while, like Amie did with Facebook.)

Sandmangirl said...

I like kind and rooting-for-you old people! That's awesome, encouragement should be given to us all often and freely.
Also, I love pinterest but I totally agree, why do people have to be negative on a site that's so full of positive. If you don't like something, don't share, it's a simple concept.