Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't Make Permanent Decisions on Temporary Emotions

I'm the worst about this!  The Worst!  So my New Years goal is to think things through a little better.  If I'm having a bad day then I need to wait until a better day comes along to make a decision that may change my life.  Of course if I'm having a bad day and choose to eat a Strawberry Cheesecake blizzard, that would be ok.  Or if I choose to watch sad movies and cry it out... once again a fine thing to do.  But if I make a choice to get a really cute puppy.... well maybe not such a good choice.  Then there is buying something for myself, certainly not a cure all.  Not that buying something is a permanent decision, but I may get stuck with something I didn't really need at all.  So the big goal is to think things through a little better, think about the big picture.  If I'm having temporary emotions, I should not make decisions that could make me worse off in the long run.  Lesson hopefully learned. 

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Mama Echo said...

When you learn how to do that, then please let me know. It is something I need to work on also.