Friday, September 2, 2011

Short and Sweet

Today was photo Friday.  We couldn't go very far today so we just drove around our own area.  We drove back up to the local cemetery.  It's down a long dirt road.  On our way back we noticed large piles of old burn piles.  So being the trash pickers we are we stopped and walked around.  We found a few old unbroken bottles.  I love that kind of stuff. 
This weekend should be a good one.  Ty has baseball tournament that I will go watch tomorrow.  Sunday my in laws will come for a visit.  And it's always nice to have an extra day off with family.  There's a lot of things I could think to complain about today, but for now I'm just going to enjoy the good moments.


lvh said...

okay - so where's the pictures you took. How can you have photo friday with no pix? Hope all is good up there in Concho. Love ya.
Sounds like your friend Mama Echo is having fun in Australia - what an exciting adventure for a couple of years.

tif-do said...

If you click on the highlighted photo friday it will take you to my photo blog: