Thursday, September 8, 2011

This week is whizzing on by

or taking a whizz all over me.  If this were a ball game the score would be WEEK 3-Me 0.  I've gotten absolutely nothing done this week.  Well unless you count reading a book on Tuesday (The Help, very good)  And having an all day Switched at Birth marathon yesterday, man I love Netflix when I get a turn to enjoy it.  But due to a clogged nose, and having some wicked crazy dreams lately, I've had uneasy sleep and wake up feeling like a zombie.  Last night I dreamt I was 16 again, and I was crying to my mom about no boys asking me out on a date.  I think it was a nightmare... to be 16 again would be horrible.  I watch my boys struggle to be teenagers and I don't want to go back to that part of my life ever again.  Today I need to at the very least clean out my car, so this weekend we can head down to a D-backs game.  First time we've taken all the kids, it should be.... fun, interesting, or something in between. 

And for anybody interested don't forget to check out my Photo Blog.  Hopefully I'll get more photos posted soon. 

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Mama Echo said...

I enjoyed The Help as well. Have you seen the movie yet? It was just about as good as the book. (and that's saying something... I usually hate movies made from books I've read). I just finished a good book called The Bells by Richard Harvell. You might like it also?