Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

I enjoy the idea of being alone for a little while on Wednesdays. To celebrate this grand day, I ate Brownie Crunch Cereal for Breakfast. I have big plans how to spend my day ALONE!
1. Mow the lawn. (Both exercise and therapeutic)
2. Make a reinforced area for Kody to live in, because he thinks its real funny to escape the yard on an hourly basis. (I know he thinks it's funny, I've heard him laughing when I turn my back)
3. Make phone calls...if I could skip this part believe me I would. I hate making phone calls, it's just to "official" for me.
4. Long Shower
5. Make red chili for dinner
6. When all this is said and done I will pick something on TV that I want to watch. ahhh so nice

How is this any different than the things I do when I'm not here by myself, well they aren't but it's nice to be ALONE!


Amie said...

You had me at "Brownie crunch cereal" What is THAT?! :)

Mama Echo said...

I hope you were able to do all those things, including eating your brownie crunch cereal.