Monday, August 8, 2011

Girl Talk

I had the good fortune of going with Kynzie to a sports physical last week. I say good fortune because normally she and I don't talk about the iffy stuff. And by iffy I mean that girly stuff that sometimes is hard to bring up. You hear so much contradicting information when it comes to talking to your kids. Some people say teach 'em while they are young, others teach them when they are old, let the schools do it, or wait until they come to you. Well I figure I would always put the word out there that "I am here if you ever want to talk, or ask anything." With Wyatt this was a good way to go, because he doesn't always ask but in a round a bout way we have had wonderful conversations just because we are watching a commercial or movie. I strayed a little, back to Kynzie. Kynzie has never approached me with any questions or comments in the girl department at all. She went to my mom. ("Mema, when do get to wear a bra" "Mema, when do you get to shave your legs." "Mema, whats the difference between a bull and a steer) This is great, don't get me wrong, I love that there is a person in Kynzies life that she trusts and feels comfortable around to ask questions. But unfortunately my mom doesn't live quite as close now, and so they don't spend all the time together that they used to. So that leaves me..... and the silence. And then I get preoccupied and don't bring it up at all. Woops, bad mom! So back to the sports physical, she's as healthy as a horse (a healthy horse that is). But better yet as the Dr. asked her some mostly personal questions, I was there to hear the answers. Then on the way home we talked and talked and talked, which opened a whole new comment from me which went something like this "You know Kynzie I am here when you have questions, and I will answer them the best I know how, It doesn't embarrass me to talk to you, I just never wanted to bombard you with information you weren't ready to hear." I don't know if I put this the wrong way or the right way, but hopefully it opened some doors to future conversations.

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