Wednesday, August 10, 2011

While I've got a minute

I feel like I don't have any private time to use the computer, I miss the olden days when the kids were in bed by 8 so I would have time at night to wind down. I don't have that time anymore, because a certain child doesn't go to bed until late. So I go to bed with to much on my mind, and I just think and think and think, and make mountains out of mole hills, and make problems where there isn't, and stress about things that aren't worth stressing about. And to this I blame my recent dizzy spells, and migraines, and over eating. I need my time back!!! Just breathing time, or reading time, or vegging time, computer time, TV time, some bit of time that's just for me.

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leaner said...

Maybe you should keep a journal (that you hand write in) by your bed. Pour out all of your thoughts there, its like purging. You may sleep better. I know there are days when I have to do that. Even though I get time to myself- sort of- I often have way too much on my mind when I go to bed.