Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 things/ 3 things

1. At least once a day I have to scoop a half eaten rodent that my hunter cat has killed and the dogs think is tasty out of the yard. I should be happy that I have such a good cat, but it's really really gross.

2. The Urgent care that I took Ty to yesterday still have not called in with the results of his xray.

3. I was soooo excited to get a couple new bras this last weekend. I tried them on and they seemed to fit but now that I've removed the tags and am wearing them, I've noticed they don't fit as well as I thought.... can you say Boob Spillage? I don't even know what size to try.

1. For 6 hours today, I've been alone... the first time in months I have the house all to myself. SOOOO nice!

2. I have a super handy husband, when my washing machine went haywire the other day He fixed it. I know I know he's a stud.

3. I live in the best place ever right now. I watch the news... heat waves and all that. I don't have an air conditioner, and it has been so nice everyday since the beginning of July. And the daily monsoons cool it down even more. I love listening to the thunder. It really is perfect.

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Sandmangirl said...

So, a good thing for the boob spillage, go get measured at your local Victoria's Secret. I hate the stores myself, but they'll measure you correctly, just ignore the sell, and focus on the measurement. I had to go in a couple of years back and get measured again because none of my bras fit. Also, I think Sears or JC Penny's will have an assistant in the lingerie dept. who can usually measure you. I had to have it done when I was an early teen too because I had no womanly influence in my life who could help with that sort of stuff. Good luck!