Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls first day.

Today is the first day of school for the Girls. They should have a good year.... but then part of me goes "Oh Crap, what have I done to my kids" It's hard to start over, and you could see it in Kynzies face this morning. The school is very small, only about 20 kids per grade. Which defiantly has its advantages, but I'm still a bit freaked about it. I have to say there are some super nice people, even the lunch guy came out and introduced himself. I can see it having a very family feel to it. We will see when they get home today.

On another story, Ty hurt his hand the other day at football practice, remind me once again why we encourage sports???? In the last year and a half he has broke 2 collar bones, fractured his wrist, bruised his ribs, not to mention the many many cuts, scrapes, bruises that he comes home with. It's crazy! Crazy I tell ya!

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Amie said...

Good grief, poor kid! (Good luck to the girls)