Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its been a crazy couple of weeks, and we are still without Internet. luckily my phone has Internet so I can blog a little about our goings on. On May 26th we became official residents of Concho. If you have never heard of Concho its because there is not a whole lot here. But for at least 2 years we will call it home, until my Dad retires and they move here. Ive felt very blessed as of late. My mom also came on the 26th and stayed for about 9 days. It was so good to have her here, just spendin time with her and seeing how healthy she is made me feel so much better. Then today I feel extremely blessed, if you haven't heard there is a huge fire on the mountain near our home. For the last week it has burned acres and acres of beautiful forest. Last night many of my friends were evacuated from their homes. Today the house we called home for the last year was evacuated. I am sure it will be safe and I pray that my friends will not loose their homes. Its just very eery to know how close that fire is to a place we called home just a week anda half ago, and homes that many have lived in for years.

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lvh said...

We finally got rain up here which should help a bit with our fires. Sure wish you would get some down there. It is hard to believe how much has burned. How has all of this affected Kenneth's work? I am so glad you are safely moved to Concho.