Monday, May 23, 2011

Sand, Sun and Fun.... 12 years old

Kynzies birthday party was a huge success. I used a little of everyones suggestions, including doing just a touch of spa night. We started by going door to door delivering invited that were tied to leis. We started party night by filling a baby pool with water and foot soak, so as the girls arrived they soaked their feet and then painted their nails. Then it was time for beach ball volleyball and a lei relay. Then it was dinner time, we had pizza, a fruit platter and some tropical punch. The girls then made sand in a bottles and starfish pins. Cake and Icecream came next. And as a grand finale a little Karaoke. Kynzie had a great time!


Amie said...

Yay, sounds fun! happy birthday to her! :)

Mama Echo said...

Happy Birthday Kynzie!!