Thursday, May 19, 2011

Made it to my annual!

I honestly think the world was against me getting to my gyno visit. First of all on Monday it was cancelled. And today when I woke up the ground was looking a lot like Christmas. But the roads were clear, so I ventured on my way to the big ol' city to get my lady parts checked up. I got there with fifteen minutes to spare. Once in the exam room, dressed in nothing but a paper outfit made to make you feel ugly and uncomfortable I began to exam the circle of life. In the room next door I could hear laughter, and the "thud thud thud" of a new life. I tell you these walls were paper thin, I'm glad I didn't pass gas or anything. In the room on the other side of me, was an older grandmotherly type. At this point the lights flickered off... and on... and off again, which made me highly uncomfortable. But it was this moment I realized how the ob/gyn is a two sided coin. On one side you have the OB. I went to them OBs, I went while expecting, before expecting, right after expecting... it was a happy time, an exciting time, and although no one likes having their lady parts examined it was a time that even that was ok, because it was for the greater good. I listened to that heartbeat, I was encouraged to take good care of myself, I was asked questions about name choices. By the time I was pregnant with my fourth child, I was a pro at these visits.... and somehow I looked forward to each visit, knowing it brought me that much closer to meeting my new little one. The other side the GYN.... where the OB is life... is the GYN any thing other than the opposite. Every test every exam is just to rule out some disease that could ultimately kill you. I'm all about preventative medicine, but it really hit home with me today, I would never be at the OB again, only to the GYN and so onto the next stage of a life I didn't know I was in yet. So with requests for Mammogram and blood tests in hand, I left the GYN feeling a little deflated and sad.

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leaner said...

:( I know how you feel.