Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seven Years full of this Sweet Girl!

Today is my babys 7th birthday! She is such a blessing in my life, and brings me so much happiness... whether she is being honery (for example telling her dad "I'll hit your face, I'll kick you in the balls", and although this is not nice, at the time it was so shocking that I had to hold in a laugh.) To being the sweetest girl around, this morning I was making her pancakes, and I decided last minute to add some blue sprinkles she said "I love you mom, this is the best ever, I am going to ask for this breakfast every year." Then I asked her what she wanted to wear for her birthday, she didn't know, so I brought out an outfit I had gotten her for her birthday... she seemed happy with it, and as I walked out of the room, I heard her say to herself, "This is going to be the best day ever!" I love that she is still young enough that she can say nice things, not because she has been trained to, but because it is really what she thinks... totally unsolicited.

Unfortunatly, I had to go to school early and pick her up today, because she has a bit of a stomach bug. They hadn't even passed out the cupcakes yet, but she didn't seem upset about it at all. I went and rented her a movie, and she's just hanging out, waiting for Dad to get home so she can open presents.

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