Monday, April 18, 2011

Does anything Johnny Depp make your heart go pitter patter, and other questions?

If someone says "Your hair looks great, I could never pull that off!" is it a compliment or not so much?

If a drama teacher yells at your child's drama group and tells them they "suck" should you get involved?
Is it normal to tear up a little when your 17 year old son says "thank you so much for the wonderful birthday?"

Did you know 2 puppies make twice the pee as 1 puppy? and that even though both said puppies are fixed they like to hump... and hump... and hump!

If you go through life looking for disappointments your almost sure to find them (not really a question, but more of an observation)

Why can you feel alone in a crowd? and did you know that, that is an oxymoron? (the things you learn while homeschooling)

Who stole all the fruit roll ups?



Amie said...

Great post. Love that first picture. :)

Michelle said...

My favorite oxymoron was on a Dairy Queen sign, "FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!"

tif-do said...

I love that one Michelle!

leaner said...

This is a great post.