Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Please don't say Spa Night!

May 23rd Kynzie will turn 12 years old. It's been ages since she has had anything remotely close to a Birthday party. I really don't like birthday parties but don't get me started on that... I'm not a big fan of even having friends over.... see don't get me started. So Kenneth (yes Kenneth, but guess who will do all the work) thought it would be nice to have a party for her, 1 because 12 is a big deal? and 2 we will be moving soon and she once again will have to start making new friends (it sucks I know, seems kinda mean doesn't it... selfish us for wanting to save money) OK..... so onto the party, I'm not feeling so confident in this department right now. Kenneth says we can start a fire and roast marshmallows, but what do you do for the other 90 minutes or so.... What should I theme it? What are her party options? She's going to be 12... not a little girl, not a teenager yet. ANY IDEAS ALL YOU CREATIVE PEOPLE OUT THERE?


leaner said...

Kids usually have a good time just hanging out. But really we let Rhayn plan hers, and Will is a really good planner, too. (I hate b-day parties that I have to throw though I have managed to make it through a few.)

Good luck. If I think of any real ideas I will comment again.

Amie said...

LOL I'm in the same boat for Friday. I hate planning games, but ya hafta fill the time somehow!!

Hmm so no Spa Night. Ya'll have SingStar Karaoke? Arts and crafts? Treasure hunt? (never mind that, she's not 6 and those are way too much work anyway) What does she like? Movie? Fake slumber party? (we do lateovers, not sleepovers) Balloon volleyball?

Michelle said...

You could take them TPing, because you're moving and who cares if the neighbors hate you? LOL!

Mama Echo said...

what's wrong with a spa night? j/k

I've actually got no great ideas... Can't wait to hear what you come up with.