Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Easter

Wow my kids make decorating eggs look so fun! (said with a tinge of sarcasm!)

As always, according to family tradition we made our fancy Easter baskets this year. Here's the girls baskets, I didn't take pictures of the boys last minute, grab a paper bag and call it good baskets.

Kasey fashioned her basket to look like a woven basket with strips of paper. She used a shoe box, paper, ribbon and some princess stickers for flair. Good job Kasey!

Kynzie got into the Springtime spirit by decorating her basket to look like a cow. (Although the boys kept harassing her by telling her it looked like a pig.) She fashioned it out of a used milk jug, construction paper and a little ribbon. I think this basket is very Moooovalous!

Tiffaney's Easter basket stole the show....hahaha. Using an empty garbage bag box, she made a lovely purple shark. If you look closely you can see the the shark has recently devoured the Little Mermaid!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Amie said...

Those baskets are so creative! What a great tradition. For some reason we've never gotten into egg coloring. Too much of a risk for mess I guess. Good on you. :)

Mama Echo said...

I love your baskets!