Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terrific Tuesday with My friend Sing-a-ma-thing! (otherwise known as I need a hobby)

This is Sing-a-ma-thing! He quite possibly is the cutest or most annoying thing ever, depending on who you ask!He joined our family at Christmas time, and he is a pure joy to spend your day with.
Back in August of 09
I did a post about terrific Tuesday with self portraits of how I spent my day... Today I thought it would be fun to do that again. Except I didn't really feel like getting dolled up just to take pictures of myself... I'd rather stay in my sweats thank you very much... Bedsides Sing-a-ma-thing is so Handsome!
Wakey wakey eggs and bacey! Sing-a-ma-thing is so good at waking up right on time... His eyes wide open and ready for the day. He doesn't look tired at all. He promptly said "Howdy Doo!" and I knew it was time to start our day!

First thing we did is head downstairs to wake up the kids... Ty Ty time to wake up. Sing-a-ma- thing woke Ty with his version of "Oh my Darling, Clementine" I'm sure it made Ty's day!
Kasey starts her day with a song... Life is always a song with Sing-a-ma-thing!
(Kynzie not pictured was awake before I got my lazy butt going, she's a go getter that one)
Oral hygiene is very important to Sing-a-ma-thing.... a healthy mouth is a happy mouth!

Singing in the shower! Save some hot water for me!

Buckle up for safety, and after we drop off the kiddos, it's time for Sing-a-ma-thing to experience the breakfast of champions- Coke from Short Stop.... THE BOMB! Now he really is ready to go.

Wakey Wakey Sleepy head! You guessed it, time to wake up Wyatt!
He takes a little time to admire Wyatts decorating abilities.
I think he wishes he had a tree on his wall too!
Sing-a-ma-thing loves to help with the chores, feeding the chickens is his favorite.
Here chicky chicky chicky!
Spent lunch with the boys. They had burros!
I'm not sure who has more photos in this shoot... Sing-a-ma-thing or short stop soda!
Sing-a-ma-thing had time to declare his favorite in the upcoming Superbowl game!


In his spare time he played hide and seek with his friend Ringo. Ringo found him easily every time, it must be his keen sense of smell.

Sing-a-ma-thing and I had some fun singing together.
But someone really needs to teach this guy something other than Clementine!
Sing- a- ma-thing found Frank... Lucky, he's been lost for weeks

He had a good time listening to Ty practice "Stairway to Heaven"

There's always time for a cuddle with Kasey.

I'm pretty sure Thing-a-ma-thing really enjoyed his dinner... but shame on him for getting another Coke, I'm pretty sure he'll be up all night!

A quick kiss goodnight to all the kiddos, and then our day is over as quickly as it started. How time flies when you spend your day with Sing-a-ma-thing.
Night Night!


Alex's Human said...

I love when you do these posts!! And I love you, too!!!

Mama Echo said...

Too funny! And now I'm surprisingly in the mood for a diet coke... don't know why?

leaner said...

Those things are creepy and cute... I love how their mouth is a hair thingy.
I agree with Val, LOOOOOVE these sort of posts!

Sandmangirl said...

Love this post! Much fun!