Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Typical Tuesday morning.... All by myself style!

Terrific Tuesdays Fantastic Photorama
(in no particular order)
hmmmm, I wonder what I should do today???
Hooray, I'm so happy it's Tuesday. Tuesdays are the best. I don't have a lot going on today, maybe I should jump in the air like a total goober. Yeah that was totally fun... maybe I should do it again....or not.

Oh crap, you caught me! Sneaking Twinkies is one of my favorite past times!

My hair needs a little coloring, getting a few more grays than I would like. 25 minutes to full head of Deeply Brown! I'm considering a different color, but not ready for change yet.

Keeping regular is a great thing to do...do!

For family home evening last night we all drew a name of a family member to do service for for the week. I picked Ty. Here I am making Ty's bed!

Just me hangin' with the boys!

Oooooooooo, checking Facebook is what I do best!

It's time to pick up Wyatt for lunch already, boy has my morning flew, with so many exciting things going on.
Driving in my car, driving in my car, I like driving in my car!

Here's my boy!

I'm so happy to pick Wyatt up for lunch....and he says "Mom your wierd!"
Thank you very much... Moving on.

Time to bring in the garbage can... thank you Mr. Garbage man for picking up my Garbage every Tuesday!

Peek a boo! Boy oh boy do I need a hobby!


Michelle said...

Silly girl, you have a hobby. It's called blogging. (Snort.) You're making me wonder if home schooling my oldest was such a good idea. I would have so much more time to waste if I sent him to school. :) I feel for you with the grays. I keep pulling them out.

Mama Echo said...

Ha! Ha! I wish we lived close by...
Just think of the chaos we could create!

Alex's Human said...

I LOVE this!! You should do it every day!!!

leaner said...

LOL! You are silly! And awesome! I might do one of these sometime soon. Maybe if I ever had a day to myself.

Amie said...

I LOVE it!!