Monday, March 8, 2010

Marching on into March!

I'm begging for spring... well summer really! I can't wait for sleeping in and slowing down a bit. It has been a good kind of busy around here, lots of Basketball games and Little League meetings. Cleaning cleaning cleaning and 2 parent teacher conferences thrown in last week.... so lets start there..... I have discovered that the new bigger house doesn't look as dirty as quickly, but when it's time to clean it, it takes awhile. I've reserved today (Monday) as cleaning day. So that's what I spent the majority of my morning doing. Then you add the quick meal I fixed for my lunch guests (Wyatt and 2 friends) and also lunch dishes.
As I above mentioned the girls had parent teacher conferences last week. Kynzie went the norm for her... "she's lovely, your lucky parents, she's such a good girl, gets along with everyone" I don't think I can take credit for any of her... she really is just good hearted... she came that way.... but I am very proud of her. Then was Kasey's parent/teacher conference to which has me totally baffled... and my husband hasn't given much input. Kasey tests well, she is right where she is suppose to be in all the schooling. But shes a youngster, and maturity wise she's not always where some of the other older kids are. So the dilemma begins. Here they have a class called pre-first. It's for kids "just like Kasey"(at least that's what her teacher says) kids that are smart but maybe not mature enough to handle 1st grade. Her teacher has offered to save her a place in Pre-1st if we so desire to put her in it. My problems with pre-1st are these, I've heard the way older kids talk about pre-1st and in their minds it's like flunking.... I don't want Kasey to have the negative comments the rest of her school life about how she flunked Kindergarten, Problem 2 I really don't want her to be the oldest in her class.... and all the fun that goes with that... being the first to hit puberty... getting her license her freshmen year.... being 19 before she graduates. In the big scheme of things it may not matter.... but while she's in that moment it might. And whose to say that keeping her back is gonna change things. Maybe she will always take her dear sweet time with things... maybe she will always have a hard time staying on task.... Kasey is Kasey, she's kind of always been that way.... in her own world. Pre-first, First Grade.... home school? What's a mom to do?

On a positively wonderful note I finally made it to 2 miles on my runs! Hopefully I can get up to 3 before summer. I can't wait until its warm and I don't have to run with so many layers on!

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Amie said...

First of all, I can't believe you're running 2 miles. That BLOWS MY MIND. COngrats!

Second, obviously you're the only one who can decide what's best for your kiddo. But in my opinion, better to be held behind earlier on than later when she might really notice it more?

There's also something to say (*holding up my hand*) about the bummers of being the youngest in the class, so don't discount the possibilities that she'll be a little older and wiser and stronger for sports should she try out, for any clubs, etc. She'll have a slight advantage being older.

I was always bummed that you and I were in different grades based on our ages falling in different months of the fall. But we were in the same church class, so don't forget that either.

In the end, if you think she'll benefit from the extra help and the extra year, give it some prayer and thought. Otherwise, she may grow by leaps and bounds this summer and catch up in the next year or two. You'd hate for it to be a constant struggle though, right?

And lets not forget, Kindergarten is not even required. The state only requires that kids start school at First grade, and even then, they suggest "Make First Grade Heaven at Seven (years of age)"

Ok I'm done. Good luck momma!