Tuesday, March 2, 2010

top 10 things I thought about today

1. I LOOOVVVVEEE having neighbors that like to share their fresh chicken eggs. Free eggs rock!

2. When I try I can be a pretty productive gal... the last couple of weeks have been busy, and if I make a little list every night, I'm pretty good at getting it all done.

3. I feel much better when I'm physically active, I wish that I could remember that on the next day.

4. If you have a little extra money and you have kids pretty soon you won't have any extra money.

5. If I had $500 extra dollars I would spend it all on canned goods (so I would stop feeling like old mother Hubbard!)

6. Lost things have a way of showing up.... usually after you've stopped looking for them

7. Crazy dreams... seriously messed up crazy dreams that stick with me all day.

8. Regular coke just plain tastes better.... goodbye diet.... goodbye!

9. If you give a mouse a cookie she's going to have 89 babies and they are all going to be asking for cookies.

10. It can't be summer quick enough!


Michelle said...

SOOOOO with you on #8. Life is too short for Diet soda. It's Pepsi in this house, and you have inspired me to embrace my Pepsi love instead of hiding it. I'm starting to look for Pepsi memorabilia to adorn my kitchen. Okay, about the dreams... I have had weird dreams and have been so, so tired. I finally decided that the stress of the last 18 months has taken a toll on my sleep. I periodically take a sleep aid, and I feel better, sleep soundly and no longer have crazy dreams that keep me tossing and turning.

Amie said...

hee hee! I'm with you on the crazy dreams one...last night I had nightmares and they were horrid!