Friday, October 16, 2009

Hearing things and making progress

(portrait taken by me)

No joking... I'm hearing voices.... or murmuring in the other room. I'm the only one here, maybe it's the cat snoring. Let's hope! Sometimes I think I was not meant to be alone, cuz I seriously freak myself out on occasion. That and I talk to myself constantly... asking myself stupid questions. So maybe I'm just hearing myself and I didn't realize I said anything, and it's coming from the other room, this would be why generally I run the radio or a tv, so I don't hear anything else.

So today was a tad bit better. I got up a little earlier than usual. When I say a little bit earlier I mean it, just enough time to jump in the shower before it was time to wake the kids. But even that extra 15 minute head start, seemed to help. I got a few things done before I even took the kids to school, hoping that would give me more time for my things but I don't know how much I got done in that department. But I did clean my bathroom, wash the shower curtains, make my bed, pick up toys in the girls room, and clean the kitchen before 8 am so not to shabby. Just imagine what I'd get done if I woke up 45 minutes earlier on Monday, early to bed early to rise and all that crud. For me time I put some finishing touches on my nephews graduation pictures I took. I can't say I'm extremely happy with them, but when it comes to pictures I take for people I'm overly critical. I took over 100 pictures of my parents while they were here, and I was so disappointed with them. So needless to say I need to take a chill when doing pictures. So now I just need to get the disk in the mail, and be done with it. That's where I will head next.

My blog has turned into a record of what I did and didn't get done... how sad.


Mama Echo said...

I love the picture!

Amie said...

hey...whatever gets you motivated!! Writing it down helps! I have a dry erase board with my to-do list. And I try not to let it become the boss of me, but rather be the boss of it. Truth is, it's a pushy white board and I usually end up doing what it says. *grumble* You'll figure it out!