Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorow

The Big Goober and I went to the MVD yesterday and he took his test for his drivers permit so that he may be permitted to learn to drive. He passed the written test easy, now the true test begins, but I'm pretty sure it's a test of nerves on my part, because teaching him how to drive will take a lot of them nerve things. But he is super dooper excited, and I let him take me for a legal celebratory cruise around the neighborhood when we got home. He didn't do to bad.

Today I'm working diligently on my chair... that is after I went and volunteered at Kasey's school. I got to help them make Halloween cats. 22 kids with pointy scissors... my idea of a good time? Hopefully this crackle idea will work out alright. We'll see. Does anyone know what I need to top coat it with if the crackle turns out good???? I'm crossing my fingers that it will be the prettiest chair this side of the Grand Canyon.... anyhoo....

Tomorrow..... stay tuned for my detailed blog about my trip to the corn maze with the Kindergarten.

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Mama Echo said...

Try using a clear or matte polyurethane finish to "set" the paint. Hope it turns out!