Saturday, July 4, 2009

I gotta brag... cuz I got tagged! That was cheesy I must admit, but I'm tired and should be in bed but can't help but stay awake until my child is home and safely tucked in bed instead of causing havoc all over town. So Thanks Amie for the Tag!
8 Favorite Shows: (hard one since we've been living without tv, but watching a lot of reruns online or rented)
1- Greys Anatomy
2-Prison Break
4- Lost
5- Pushing Daisies
6- Here comes the Newlyweds
7- Lie to Me8- Private Practice
8 Things I did yesterday/today because its really close to midnight:
1- helped with a float
2- Had family over for dinner!
3- Went to get cheap soda with my coupon
4- Buckled over with a pain in my belly that just won't go away
5- Enjoyed the lovely smell of rain
6- Played Wii bowling
7- Laughed so hard it hurt
8- Talked
8 Things I am looking forward to:
1- Watching Fireworks
2- Seeing my girlie in the Parade
3- Going to Wicked next weekend
4- Allstar games next week
5- My birthday (even though it's not until October, its always a safe bet to look forward too)
6- Sleeping
7- My stomach pain to go away!
8- Getting our car paid off!!! SO CLOSE HOORAY!
8 Favorite Restaurants:
1- LaCasita
2- Macayos
3- Alibertos
4- Applebees
5- Jack in the Box
6- Some place with good Steak
7-Taco Bell8- Mels soda
8 Things on my wish list:
1- Sewing machine
2- New small camera
3- Is it that kind of wish list or wishes for yourself... maybe I wish that I would keep having the ambition to walk everyday, and eat better so I can feel better.
4- I wish that I will make better choices
5- I do wish to live somewhere where I can have chickens and maybe a goat?
6- to find the good and silly in everything
7- to fit
8-that my kids have the things they need, and have friends, and things that make them feel good about themselves.
8 People I Tag: 1. Christy 2. Michelle 3.Lean Bean 4. Leaner 5. Haven't heard from Val in awhile 6.Elise 7.Brie 8. Penny Sue

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Amie said...

yay!! thanks for playing! I'm happy you get to see Wicked too! (you'll see it before me!)