Monday, July 6, 2009


What would the 4th be without a Wii bowling tournament!
Darcey perfecting her strike!
Look at that Strike!
The Fireworks Display was beautiful, and we didn't even have to leave our driveway to see it!

Boys are so excited (is Wyatt asleep?)

That must of been one SPECTACULAR firework!

Kasey and I were ready, although about 10 minutes in she was asleep.
Parade time!
Who's that throwing candy... Its All-Star Kynzie!

Cool old tractor right before Kynzies float.

Part of My Wards Float

The Statue of Liberty float was by far the best home town float I've ever seen. It was super tall, and it folded down to fit under the power lines... Good Job 3rd Ward!

We had a great view of it all! This town really goes all out. After the Parade we went to a bbq and of course came home to watch the fireworks.


Mama Echo said...

Hopefully you will allow the wonderful traditional chair roping/parade watching/ small town feel to live on man. This ain't no big city you're living in now!!

Glad to see you had a great 4th!!

Amie said...

Wow Darcy looks fabulous!

That's actually an awesome parade! Worth roping off for next year ? =)

leaner said...


I have given you an award! Please check my blog! :)

Lean Bean said...

it looks fun! Where do you guys live again?

Lean Bean said...

I thought I recognised something in those pics! I grew up in Taylor.

Amie said...

PS go here:
Lindsey from my blog posted about this exact same parade!