Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear Anonymous,

In response to my Crazy Parade post I found this comment

Anonymous said...
Not sure why you would be wanting to ridicule others traditions but guess we wouldn't expect anything better of you.

I truly would like to apologize for my offensive comments, however in this situation, I have no idea who you are, although You Mr/Mrs anonymous would like to think you know something about me. I in no way was trying to belittle the chair roping tradition. I suppose it is not unlike many small town traditions, although I myself have lived in small towns 90% of my life and had never seen anything like it. I'm sure you hold this "tradition" near and dear to your heart... the tradition of roping the chairs. Hold tight to your traditions, and don't let outsiders such as myself bring you down... grab your chairs and hold them tight... darn it!

What more would you expect of me, I'm such a horrible no good person!


Mama Echo said...

wow!!! Who knew traditional chair roping was so controversial? Thank goodness we don't live in a small town anymore. I'm surprised we weren't "kicked out" long ago. Can you even imagine how quick Papa Echo would be thrown out? ;) Chin up Tif-do. Those of us who know you, know the REAL intent of your post.

Amie said...

oh dear, you're SUCH the rebel. You're gonna shake up that town just like Ren in Footloose. ;)

Michelle said...

What I think is really bold is that the critic chose to remain anonymous. I mean, if you're SOOOO offended by a post, have the spine to own.

Dear Anonymous,
You can criticize tif-do all you want, but you've only proven yourself to be the smaller person, and frankly, how could we expect anything better from YOU!

Roping chairs is weird. Don't let anyone tell you differently. ;