Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My eldest child and I got into a conversation last night about making friends... I really don't think I'm the authority on making friends, although I did my best to tell him to get out yourself.. don't be afraid to talk to people.... blah blah blah. I wish him the best in his venture to make new friends I really do.... I'm pretty sure that in a few weeks he'll be hanging out with someone and hopefully it will be the right kind of crowd. But really in all of this who am I joking. You know who I've talked to this week besides my own family(except for one phone call to a sister, but that would be family)... NO ONE, except for the cashier at the short stop (because according to Darcey they have way better ice than the circle K, and I'm pretty sure she was right.) It's a scary world out there for stay at home moms, with no hobbies.... SCARY! How did I do this before. How did I make friends? Am I even capable of making new friends?
Then and totally different subject, but similar, what do I do all day? I mean honestly I stay busy enough picking up after EVERYONE else, and making meals, and driving to 3 different schools 2 times a day... but there has got to be more to life than this. I've gone months and months with out having a free moment, and now that I have one, I have no idea what to do with it. I tried last week... I drew a picture... a took some pictures... I wrote in a journal... did some yoga... but none of it seemed very satisfying. I need a worthwhile hobby or something that makes me feel like I'm alive again, and less lonely (no offense to Kasey she's a wonderful companion, but you know she is four... and the conversation is usually one sided... she's usually telling me what to do.) So here I am in the crazy place... not sure what to do with myself... and having no friends. Pity party for one~


BrieP said...

I have lived in Coolidge my entire life and my only two friends that i actually talk to besides the hubby are my bro jva and his wife. so i can not help with this. I wish you luck!

I started work yest. I would like to join your party is there room for one more!

Michelle said...

Maybe you should find a part-time job making coffee....Ha Ha. It's only been a few weeks. You will find friends, and if not, your old friends will keep blogging and bugging you on facebook. :)

leaner said...

Hmmm... I got involved in my daughter's school and made friends that way. It was part of the reason I wanted her in that particular school SOOO badly. Because it has a sense of community and made me feel welcome and accepted even when I am shy and rarely talk to anyone.

Also I made some online friends that take up my days.

I am sure it will not be long that you find a good person to be friends with.

Carter Family said...

Does your little town have things for Kasey to do during the day? You could meet people that way. Of course most of my friends are from church and met them mainly from callings that I have had. I am not so out-going either. I kind of have to be forced to talk to people to make friends. Find some way to get involved where you have to talk to people. Hang in there it will happen.

Amie said...

Well, there's always a part time job, going back to school (online if you need to), catching up on reading, scrapbooking, writing your memoirs, addressing your christmas cards early, geneology, getting ready for your spring garden, making homemade valentines cards for next month, calling old friends, making new friends, starting an exercise program, catching up on old TV shows online, writing a book, playing piano, cooking new recieps, or the old standby, my favorite: surfing the net. =)

That being said, we're considering going up to the temple up there in March probably. We'll likely have to scoot right past you to do it, want a visit?