Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I guess I'll start at the end of our 3 day weekend and work backwards because that seems to be the way my pictures loaded up. I had a weekend that I needed that's for sure. Kenneth worked Sunday night call out so he was home yesterday (very very sleepy, but home to escort the family to the nearby city (ha ha ha, but it does have a few stores that the town we live in does not). We went to pick up a few things and get out of the house for a few hours. We ate Native New Yorker.... the wings were wonderful... but I think all of us are feeling the afterburn today.... ouch! A couple of weeks ago Kynzie had bought a small aquarium with some money she'd been saving. She picked out a beta fish, and 2 days later it was a floater fish. So after cleaning, and letting the tank run for 2 weeks, we got some new little pets yesterday. We all named one except for Kenneth. And then because we have such luck with fish we took bets on whose would die first. My bets on Machaca, it isn't good to be alone.

Saturday and Sunday one of my dearest friends came up to visit. She was rejoicing in the fact that she didn't have to drive 2 days to come see me anymore. She brought her daughter, so Kynzie had a buddy for 2 days. Most of all it was good to laugh and laugh and laugh, because that is generally what we do when we're together. We took a walk in my big back yard of a golf course... and explored the cave of wonders. I'm pretty lucky to have a friend that I've had since I was 13, seen me through the good and the worst and still wants to come see me. So that was my fabulous weekend~

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