Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Raining

Rain is good. I know for AZ... rain is always a blessing, so I now being back in dry country am rejoicing in it as well. I love this rain because.... it means it is not cold enough to snow. I love the way the earth smelled when I walked out of my house this morning... the fresh smell of wet dirt... I felt like raking or something, it was wonderful. I didn't rake, but I did go stand in it face up to the sky for awhile. Letting the raindrops wash away everything... stress of bills gone... stress of Kynzie calling and saying her back pack broke, gone.... thoughts of Ty washing his ipod in the washing machine earlier this week, gone.... missing pets, familiarity, parents... well not quite gone, but getting a little better. What a blessing indeed.


Anonymous said...

I love the rain also. I'm jealous...


Amie said...

We got rain last night; I would have enjoyed it better in the daytime. ;)

I understand, though, how it can be refreshing for your soul as well as the soil. =)