Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you don't watch 24 then you probably don't care

I chose not to turn on tv when we got all moved in. I do suffer along with the rest of them... whining about missing NFL playoff games... whining about missing Heroes, and Dora the explorer... whining about the NBA season in full swing... and I apologize for there agony I do, but sometimes you have to cut corners and cable was one of those corners. And why have tv when everything you need is right at your finger tips with limited commercials... except of course for live football games(sorry honey!) To the Internets capabilities I am mostly grateful that I can keep up on all things Greys Anatomy (because then I too would be in agony) I also am grateful I do not have to wait to watch 24 until season 7 comes out on DVD. Now at first I had no interest in this show. I have always had a mild crush on Kiefer... mostly due to The Lost Boys and Flatliners. But it wasn't enough to draw me into watching a show about FBI- CIA- whatever crap... but one fateful day due to lack of things to do I sat down and watched an episode of our season 5 DVD with the husband. And then another, and another, and he said that's enough for tonight and I said or thought "hold on mister I want to see what happens!" And so it began, and when that season was over, I went back and watched the other 4... and when season 6 came out, by golly we bought it too. And here we are at season 7 and holy smoke-a-roo we don't have tv. So thank you dear and loving Internet... for without you I would have no idea that Tony (one of my favorites) came back from the dead... and without you I would not get to see my sweet Jack Bauer kick the living crud out of someone... and I certainly would not have dreams of ripping someones eyeball out of its socket... or driving my car off of a parking garage roof. Oh yes... technology is good... real good!


Michelle said...

Have you ever noticed that Tony never speaks above a whisper. I told Nathan maybe he should try to whisper method, and everyone would think he was ultra-tough like Tony. Ha! We haven't had TV for years, but we're current on our 24 episodes! Nathan is a bigger fan of Smallville, though. That is his favorite show.

Anonymous said...

I should try watching 24 sometime. I've never seen even one episode. Sounds like I'm missing out.


Amie said...

The only thing I ever watch on television is Smallville because it's not online! (oh and American Idol) I love watching the shows on my computer. It's so much easier. That 7-8:00 hour at night is so busy with getting kids ready for bed, etc. I always felt like such a crappy parent saying "OK, it's a commercial, let's go read scriptures!!"

Regarding 24 and Kiefer, first of all, Cah-yuuuuuute! We started season one last fall and still haven't gotten through it (life is just too busy) but we will eventually, because we liked it. Someday I'll lean everything that happens to ol' Jack.

Why is there a Jack in EVERYTHING right now? Pirates, Lost, 24, ... I swear there's more!