Friday, October 17, 2008

Quit holding your breath!!!

So if you were wondering where our family would end up.... wonder no longer.... if nothing crazy happens in the next few weeks, Kenneth will be starting his new job in.... drum roll please............. Safford Arizona.
It's been an exciting and scary week as we've waited for the phone call, but yesterday afternoon we were finally notified with a job offer. So friends, family, and foes??? of AZ, BEWARE we're coming home (as soon as we can unload our house). I will keep you all updated, but that looks like the plan!


Michelle said...

We will miss you, but we've been praying that you would receive an offer soon. I'm very happy for you, and hey, no more 5 AM mornings right?

Amie said...

wow! safford is so great! and still so far from me!! Are you guys excited?

leaner said...

whoot whoot! So we will see you more, how exciting is that!