Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off to work

Yippity do da!!! Its five forty nine.... I know some of you do this every day, wake up at five-ish to go to work. I tell you its for the birds... well maybe not even the birds because I don't hear a lot of chirping right now. Its blasted early... early I tell you. How can one think clearly at this time of the morning. How can one function properly, especially after one cleaned like a crazy woman all evening so that my house would be perfectly clean for company today (YAY mom and Grandma J are coming over). So that being said I'm off to work... and try to function, and not do something clumsy and embarrassing at work today. As for those lucky son of a guns that get to sleep in a little this morning... enjoy your precious sleepy time, enjoy it and Love every minute of it!

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Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! Look at you being all efficient and even blogging before work. You are my hero.