Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nice 4 day weekend!

This weekend the kids had four days off due to teacher convention. On Thursday we got to have company my Grandma J and mom came over for the night. We had a little early birthday dinner for Mom, it wasn't all that spectacular. I had grandeur in mind I really did, months ago I had big plans for her birthday, but when it came down to it, I didn't have the mental strength or money to do the big stuff. So the kids decorated and I made some dessert and dinner for her. The next day I took Grandma to see where I work and around town a little (it's a little town, there's really not that much to see). Yesterday we went to Tys football. His team played with magnificence and they won 28-14. It was amazing. We grabbed a cheep lunch at Costco (where else can you feed a family of 6 for under $20??? And headed home. Today I got to speak in church, WOOHOO!!! and now we're wearing down the last of the weekend taking a rest.
It looks like Kenneth will be heading south at the end of the month. And hopefully the rest of us will be able to be there in time to ring in the New Year (what better time to start fresh?) Hopefully we can figure out something to do with our house, and we won't have to be a split family for too long. I'm trying to rev up to be excited... I think I'll even start packing (it can't hurt anything right?) Anybody got any boxes?


Michelle said...

I didn't get to tell you that it was a great talk, even though I had to listen to it through the speaker in the Priamry room with rowdy little Josie. Boxes-- IGA, or C told me you can get them on Wednesdays from the Freeze. Let me know when you're ready to pack in earnest, and Michelle and I will gladly help. (We have to feel like VT's sometime!)

lvh said...

WOO HOO!!! I was so hoping it would be Safford. How exciting to get to move closer to your big sister and her family. That will be fantastic for all the kids. JW also came back from AZ with a job offer but since the one from Nome was better, he headed north this morning (didn't get very far with all the fog in Billings though so he'll be spending the night in anchorage. He'll be home every 20 days for 10 and when the weather warms up a bit or we find someplace to get rid of these horses, I hope to spend more time up that way. Good luck to all of you - I too would love to come help you pack - I love moving.