Monday, October 20, 2008

Zippity Do Da

I know it's a little frivolous in these economic times but in late birthday wishing fashion I bought myself the WII fit the other day. And you know what, other than the fact that it tells me how chubby my middle is getting, it is by far one of the funnest things I've ever owned, and if their good I let the kids play too. I love the yoga, I love the silly aerobics, I love that it says good morning, and gives me little hints in what I may be doing wrong in my fitness regimen. Its like a personal trainer. So fun!!!

On the update... our house is under contract which means we have to pass a home inspection and there is a couple of contingencies and our house will be sold. Of course I realize this is a process and it will be December before it's actually all said and done... and for me that is quite a wait... but I'm optimistic that it will all work out. I'm trying my darngest to get excited about this move. Yippity do da. I've already made plans in my head of all the fun things I can do with my family that lives in those parts of the wilderness. It will be good. It will be good for my kids to get to spend more time with cousins, aunts, uncles and all the greats and seconds and thirds that live in AZ. Not even to mention good Mexican food, which has been a sadly missed staple of our life's for some time now. It's all about food you know. So here we stand about to embark on a fabulous new adventure.


leaner said...

Mmmm, yup, the food itself is worth the summer heat. Oh, wait, no its not. Sorry. We will be excited to see you, though.

Pen-nut said...

You should see the excitement that was flying around our house yesterday. We are going to have so much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..... the food.... Definitely worth the price of admission.


Michelle said...

We so miss good Mexican food. We have that where we're from, too, but not here. Here the best Mexican food we've had was at your party! Dylan loves our Wii fit, and Nathan & I like it, too. Try the hoola hoop. It cracks me up!