Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday's are a crazy day for a Mom of a toddler.  I love every minute at home with my little girl.  I love watching her run around the house, testing limits, exploring her world. I love watching her learn. I love listening to her nonstop babble and squeals of joy.  I love that at nap time she lays in her bed and takes a nap. But on Sunday's all of these things that I love become horrible.  It's hard to keep her trapped in between two pews.  Her babbling and squeals become extremely loud during prayers.  She runs down the hall like a crazed jackrabbit running from a trucks headlights. I don't know the last time I got to sit through my meetings.  But this Sunday I tried my hardest to be patient and just let her be. I figured if she annoyed other members of the congregation they would get over it.  As I sat in Sunday school with mostly older folks, she ran large laps around the whole group.  After class an older man came and told me she is the sweetest girl he's ever seen.
Then in Relief Society (a class with only women) she went and sat on a ladies lap and played with her bracelets for a good part of the meeting.  It was such a relief to be able to attend my classes without feeling overwhelmed by my spirited toddler.  I'm so grateful for the kind hearted and truly Christlike people I go to church with.

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