Monday, September 22, 2014

No Bill from Anesthesiology, or Annie's Birth Story

Thursday morning I headed into town for one of my weekly appointments.  I had been feeling so great that I was pretty sure that this baby was never going to be born.  My appointment went well, she said I'd made little progress and I'd probably be pregnant another week at least.  So my friend and I went to pick up a few things and eat Panda.  I ate Kung poa and joked how it would start labor.   Then we headed home.  Afternoon passed uneventful.  Kenneth came home and decided to go work chains at a jv football game, because I clearly wouldn't go into labor that night.  I felt super tired and headed to bed early.  Around 12:30 I woke up feeling like Kung poa was not the best choice for lunch.  I had felt this way before so not wanting to bother Kenneth I went out to the living room to watch tv until it passed.  After laying on the couch for fifteen minutes I realized the stomach pains I was having we're coming off and on.  I started to time them.  8 minutes apart, pretty consistent.  I timed for the next half hour.  They stayed about 7 minutes apart.  Around 1:30 I decided I would get a shower then wake up Kenneth.  But when I went to walk to the bathroom I felt a gush of water.  I made my way to the bathroom, and turned on the light.  Kenneth immediately woke up and asked what was wrong.  I told him my water had broke.  No shower for me, we headed out of the house.  Of course it was the only day in the last month that the car didn't have enough fuel, so we had to stop and get gas.  I kept timing contractions, they were rapidly getting closer.  5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes.  As we pulled into Show Low they were 2 minutes apart.  Kenneth dropped me off at the emergency room door and I made my way inside.  They made me fill out a paper and they wheel chaired me into a pre admittance area of labor and delivery.  Normally this is probably a great thing, as many women get sent home for not having active labor.  For me this was 5 minutes of HELL.  They told me to change and pee in a cup.  Contraction contraction contraction!  I stood there breathless, and leaning on Kenneth.  I told him they were to close together and I needed something now.  He went and told the nurse that this was my fifth baby and I knew.  That must have perked their ears up, because they immediately wheeled me to the l and d suite.  Contraction!  I climbed into the bed, and they said they would get me something to help as soon as they could.  They got the moniters hooked up, and I told them that there was no break in between contractions.  The nurse checked me and said "Your complete, you can push if you feel like it". They had called my Dr. , Kenneth asked if they thought he would make it.  The nurse said no.  After three contractions and three big pushes, one curse word, and a lot of sweat, my sweet baby was born.  They laid her on my chest and I knew she was perfect.  All 6.10 pounds of her! The Dr. Arrived just in time to stitch me up.  I told him he missed the exciting stuff.

 It was the craziest quickest thing.  The whole thing gave me such an adrenaline high, I couldn't sleep for hours.  I was amazed that Annie was here, I was empowered that I gave birth unmedicated, I was overjoyed that I was blessed with such an opportunity to have this sweet new life in my arms straight from heaven.  


Briana Powell said...

I am so happy for you and your family. with my last I had to stop pushing to wait for the dr. That was no fun.

Amie said...

Awesome!! :) Congrats, she's a beauty!

leaner said...