Friday, March 7, 2014

Yep I'm a little crafty...sort of!

I've kept busy this week doing the norm stuff, and some extra.  I felt like making a couple things for #5 (really need to come up with a nickname or something).  Although its pending birth is still a very long way off, I thought I might get a head start.  So I made a whole slew of burp clothes.  They are really misshapen, but I don't think #5 will care.  The other day the girls were talking about baby themed stuff.  And although #5 will not live in its own room for a couple years at least, I listened to them talk.  I thought it might be fun to hang something by #5s dresser or something.  So after much pondering on things that would be non gender specific... I came up with creatures.  Since I have a huge thing for Bigfoot!!!  It turned out alright.... once again a little misshapen, but I don't care.  It was fun to get my craft on.

So news travels fast in a little town.  And the big question lately has been "I heard someone talking and is it true that your pregnant?"  Quickly followed by "Was this planned?"  Something inside me cringes every time I hear that.  As I know I've brought up in at least one post past, I think its irrelevant.  Then I think, is it really any ones business, what we do in our family?  It really annoys me, so if you want to keep me sane, don't ask me that.   And maybe if your real lucky I will tell you the story of how this baby came to be someday.


lvh said...

I absolutely love the wall-hanging. That is cute and definitely shows your talent.

Amie said...

So so so cute! And who cares if baby was planned or not and it's no one's business either way! Excited for you! I hope you're feeling well. :)

Pen-nut said...

I love it!!!!