Sunday, March 2, 2014

Up North, Running, Baby Olive

I think this last week has been a crazy blur.
Starting last Thursday (Feb. 20)  when I left for Ragnar.  I had been training since last spring, so I really couldn't pass up my last time to run Ragnar for a couple years.  Although I have to admit I had a little help from my Sister on my first leg.  It was a warm afternoon 7.8 miles and I just didn't think I could handle it.  Thank goodness for a sister that's always ready for a run.  She gladly stepped in and did it.  When night hit, it cooled down a lot and I ran my 2nd leg, and then ran my 3rd.  And just for fun I ran the last leg of the race with my teammate.  So altogether I ran a little under 12 miles.  I felt pretty good.  BUT EXHAUSTED!   We headed home late Saturday night.
Sunday Ty opened his mission call.  He is headed north to Alaska!  He is so excited!  And I couldn't of been more thrilled.  An adventure for him, but peace of mind for me that he's still in the United States! 
Baseball and Softball has begun.  Kynzie was invited to travel with the Varsity team to a tournament in Safford.  We headed down to watch the Friday games, and came home that day, because we had bought D-backs Spring Training for Saturday.  So then we again woke up early and headed to the rainy rainy valley to watch part of a game before we got rained out.  We thought we'd take advantage of the city and buy some maternity clothes (something I have none of, and will soon need)  But unfortunately I couldn't find anything.  So we had dinner and headed home on the very rainy roads! 
So today I'm exhausted once again, and glad this week will be a little slower.
I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow to check on the little one that should be about the size of a large olive??? And the rest of my week should be travel free!  Hooray!

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Briep said...

I always loves when they would say your baby is the size of a "insert a fruit or veggie here" it always made me laugh!