Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

I try to look back on 2013 and remember the good times. 
I got to spend more than half the year with my parents living close by. 
My children grew and continued to develop into loving good people, they took chances, they made friends, they experienced life. 
We went on vacation, we had family moments, and good times.
I felt relief when Wyatt not only moved back home, but as he finally gained local employment so he can save up for future plans.
I watched with gratefulness as Ty has enjoyed sports, doing things with friends, having his first job, and now preparing to go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I am filled with joy as I see the kind of woman Kynzie is growing to be.  She is not only extremely talented, compassionate, and full of love, but she has saved me more than she will ever know.
My heart is lightened every time I look at sweet Kasey.  She keeps me young at heart with her imagination, hilarious way of putting things, and her simplistic faith in the unseen.
I've had many a wonderful outings with Kenneth, and this year has only strengthened our relationship as husband and wife. 
2013 brought me more faith in my Heavenly Father.  I also discovered a strength in myself that I never thought I had. 
I wish that I could only remember the good stuff, that the hurt and emptiness, the ache that fills me  wouldn't over shadow the happiness that I've felt.  Sometimes it just seems to be to much.  But I know time will make the pain dull, and that there will be many more good memories in the next year. 
I welcome the clean slate of it, the fresh start to be a better more giving person.  The opportunities that this year may hold.

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